Installing your Custom Amp Screen is a simple process but does require some trimming and some installation choices. Our screens are designed to allow multiple methods of installation from sticking it directly to your installing it using a wooden frame.
Please review these instructions and choose the best method for your particular amp and skill level.  Or have a "handy" friend help you out.
Lets start with an overview of our premium vinyl material. uses premium materials to create our screens. The image to the right is a sample of our perforated vinyl which consists of two pieces.

The WHITE BACKING is made of paper which will be removed and discarded. The PERFORATED VINYL is white and we print your graphic on the white, front side.  The back side of the perforated vinyl is adhesive backed and can be used to attach the vinyl to your amp.
When you receive your Custom Amp Screen, it will look like this.

When your amp screen arrives it will be rolled in a shipping tube.  Remove the screen and lay it flat allowing it to flatten.
This is your amp prior to installing your Custom Amp Screen.

If your amp has a logo (see the Fender logo in our picture), you will likely wish to cover this up so it doesn't show through the perforations of your Custom Amp Screen.

You will notice prior to installing your screen, that the graphic looks very light...almost like it wasn't printed dark enough.  Once you remove the WHITE BACKING and attach your Custom Amp Screen to your amp's will look perfect, bright and beautiful.

The perforations are there to allow air and sound to pass through the screen making them "Acoustically Transparent".  Up will see the perforations.  From any distance...your audience will see nothing but the awesome image.
Cover up your amp's logo.

Your amp's brand logo, or anything else that you may wish to hide behind your Custom Amp Screen can be taped over using any black duct tape or other form of dark material.

Once your Custom Amp Screen is installed, anything behind it will no longer be visible.  Shiny objects, white objects, etc. can be hidden using this black tape method.
Attach your Custom Amp Screen

Attach your Custom Amp Screen using the adhesive backing around all four sides to attach it securely. There are many ways to accomplish this.  Some people use our adhesive backing as is and just press it down to the border / frame of your amp's grill.

Others like to attach Velcro to the back edges of your Custom Amp Screen and to the frame around your amp's grill so your Custom Amp Screen can be removed or replaced later.

Others who desire a more permanent installation, glue the edges of the screen or even build a wooden frame, attach their Custom Amp Screen to the frame and then attach the frame to the amp.

Our screens are designed to accommodate the widest choice of installation.  Choose the method you are most comfortable with or have a friend that is "handy" help you with the installation.
Congratulations...Your amp is now AWESOME!!!

Take a step back, have a beer and just look at how amazing your amp looks!  On stage it will accent your attitude, the emotion of your music and the presence of your band.  You have created something wild and beautiful that will be commented upon by your fans, and admired by everyone.
Enjoy your Custom Amp Screen!
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