offers our Custom Designed Amp Screen service for customers that want something completely unique.  Our graphic artists can create, find or modify any image to meet your expectations.
We Can Put Any Photograph on Your Amp!

Our Graphic Artists can find or create any graphic you wish including custom band logos and more.

We can also create your amp screen from photographs of family, pets, homes, events, of your children, your wife, your you find on the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (non-copyright) you take with your camera or smart phone...a picture of a drawing, painting or other artwork...a picture of that cute girl you used to date...etc.

We will put any picture of any subject matter on any amp!
We don't judge...we just create awesome amp screens!
Patience Is Required
First and foremost, please keep in mind that this is a custom service that will require time and quite a bit of back-and-forth emailing.  We are not mind readers and will need a lot of input to make your screen, what you want.  We average 3 to 5 back-and-forth emails getting to the proofing process.

Detailed Information
Please provide as much, detailed information as possible about your screen.  If you have a sample picture, a link, sample text, sample fonts or anything else...feel free to send it along.  We are very patient and will work with you until the design is exactly what you want.  But please keep in mind that both the customer and start this process "blind".  The information we request, and the level of detail you provide dictates the level of "sight" we can achieve.  If we can't envision the design...we can't make the design.

The language barrier.  We speak English and sometimes that can be an issue when discussing a design...especially via email.  While we will work with you to the best of our ability, if we simply can't understand what you are asking for, we simply can't satisfactorily make what you want.  Hence...the final rule...cancellation.

Cancellation reserves the right to discontinue the custom design process at any time, for any reason.  On the rare occasion that this may occur, will refund any and all money you may have paid.  However, after you approve the final design (PDF proof) and we send the design off to print, we CAN NOT PROCESS A REFUND.  So...once you approve the PDF proof and make final are locked in.  Please understand that sometimes based upon a customers level of patience, a language barrier, etc., it may not be possible to complete the design.  We will always try our best, but in a worst case situation, we may have to discontinue the process and refund your payment.
Contact Us!
ontact us with a general idea of what you are look for.  One of our Graphics Professionals will work with you via email to produce the perfect, personalized skin for your amp.  Our price is based upon the size of your amp and the complexity of your skin and amount of graphic design time required to complete your screen.
Make Payment!
After we chat and get a good idea of what you are looking for, you will be asked to pay for your screen and the shipping.  Click the BUY NOW button to the right and enter the price quoted by our staff along with your credit card and shipping information.
Tell Us About Your Custom Screen!
Design, Printing & Shipping
You can provide us with sample pictures, have us search for that perfect image or even have us create something from scratch.  If you provide a design/image, please keep in mind that 2000x2000 pixels in size is the minimum and the larger the better.  We are very experienced in finding images and designing graphics from scratch.

After you have approved your screen, we print the high-definition graphic on our exclusive perforated vinyl and adhesive backing.  Your screen is quality checked, rolled, placed in a hard, cardboard tube and shipped within an additional 3 to 5 business days in most cases.  We ship with USPS, delivery confirmation and tracking.
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